09-07-2018 | 17:08

Fighting cartelization of the economy and the need to intensify cooperation between the law enforcement bodies and FAS is a separate item in the National Competition Development Plan approved by No. 618 Presidential Order of 21 December 2017


Deputy Head of FAS Alexei Dotsenko made this statement opening a regional workshop of the North Caucasus Federal District in Magas (Ingushetia) on “Inter-branch cooperation between the antimonopoly and law enforcement bodies in exposing and suppressing cartels” on 3 July 2018.


According to Deputy Head of FAS, the antimonopoly authority exposes the facts of bid-rigging anticompetitive agreements that are a form of corruption, hold economic entities administratively liable and submits information about violations to the law enforcement bodies so then would open criminal cases.


“Cartels are latent crimes, so cooperation with the law enforcement bodies is very important for us in the part of carrying out inspections, obtaining search-and-surveillance materials and unifying the criminal and antimonopoly laws”, saidAlexei Dotsenko.


The List of Orders issued by the President of Russia following the State Council on competition that took place in April 2018, also is designed to counter cartelization of Russian economy.


Deputy Head of FAS underlined that based on the instructions from the President, amendments to the law are drafted, tightening liability for cartels and assigning the right to forward materials about cartels to FAS to the bodies involved in search- and surveillance.


M. Yandiev, Chief of Staff of the Head of the Ingushetia Republic, pointed out that the themes of the workshop in Magas are rather pressing for Ingushetia as well as for other regions. The President approved theNational Plan for Developing Competition in the next three years and gave particular orders on developing competition to the Heads of the regions following the State Council on competition in April 2018.


In view of M. Yandiev, cartels are a crime comparable with treason. Restricting competition incurs heavy damage upon the national economy, and it is not possible to move forward without sorting out this problem.  


“It is essential to break the bureaucratic way of thinking, prohibit restricting competition through creating sheltered life for thecrony companies”, stressed M. Yandiev.


Chief of Staff of the Head of the Ingushetia Republic also reported that it is planned to sign an Agreement on Cooperation between FAS and Ingushetia Government to develop competition in the area.