20-07-2018 | 16:01

FAS and the Sverdlovsk region signed an Agreement on Cooperation and approved 35 key indicators for competition development


On 19 July 2018, Deputy Head of FAS Daniil Fesyuk had a meeting in Yekaterinburg with Governor of the Sverdlovsk region the Sverdlovsk region that focused on pursuing 2018-2020 National Competition Development Plan [1] and the orders issued by the President of Russia upon the State Council.


“Signing the Agreement, we formalize our mutual obligations on developing competition in the region. It is our common task. Hopefully, the today’s event will substantively stimulate achieving the goals”, emphasizedDaniil Fesyuk. “We are especially pleased that the largest region in the Urals does not stick to the minimum, but commits to achieve 35 targets”.


The region is implementing the Competition Development Standard that main requirements of which are already fulfilled. According to the Ranking of Russian regions by the degree of competition intensity and the state of competitive environment, compiled by FAS every year the Sverdlovsk region moved up to the 4th place in 2016 from the 8-9 place in 2015.


Deputy Head of FAS also discussed the system of antimonopoly compliance: “It should eliminate violations of the law by regional authorities through leveling workers competence to the level of FAS specialists”.


“For the Sverdlovsk regional authorities competition support is a priority that helps enhance economic efficiency and increase the qualify of life in the Urals”, informed.


As explained by Daniil Fesyuk, the region must determine at least 33 out of 41 sectors for developing competition in view geographical specifics. The region has already started devising a relevant Road Map that must be adopted by 1 December 2018. He also informed that a Road Map should be adopted among others. Control indicators will include a twofold decrease in antimonopoly violations’ twofold in comparison with 2017 and an increase in the share of SME in procurement more than twofold by 2020.


According to Head of Sverdlovsk OFAS, Dmitry Shalabodov, the main violations in the Sverdlovsk region are currently unfair competition and breaching the antimonopoly law at the municipal level. This is due to the low level of the legal culture of the ordering parties.