26-07-2018 | 08:55

The key targets are achieved for 31 sectors out of 41. Vladimir is a good example of work with private medical clinics in the field of mandatory medical insurance


On 19 July 2018, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Kashevarov had a working meeting with Governor of the Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova, followed by an interdepartmental meeting. The partied discussed implementing the National Competition Development Plan and the Orders of the President of Russia issued following the State Council.


“In 2015 the region was on the 52 position in the ranking, but just in 2016 it climbed up 11 positions, getting on the 41 place. No doubt, the positive trend will continue”, said Andrey Kashevarov.


He explained that the presidential Order specifies 41sectros where regional achievements will be evaluated.


“Vladimir is one of the most advanced regions because the key targets are already achieved in 31 out of 41 sectors. On 11 markets it’s 100%, 9 markets – more than 80 %, and 5 markets exceed the basic indicators by 2-4 times. And 41 sectors is not the limit. For instance, Dagestan added another sector – tourism.  Vladimir can also follow the example”, suggested Andrey Kashevarov. During the interdepartmental meeting Deputy Head of FAS pointed out that 7% allocated to private medical facilities from the mandatory medical insurance funds is a significant amount.


He underlined: “FAS repeatedly opened cases when territorial funds refuse to transfer money to private medical organizations under the policies of mandatory medical insurance. Vladimir has priority: money follows patients. And this is the most important when a patient chooses a medical facility and the funds are transferred. Here is another incentive for investments in private medicine”.


“Understanding the importance of the issue, our region has been working for already several years on creating transparent and comfortable conditions for developing competitive environment”, said Svetlana Orlova.


The Vladimir region has a Competition Development Standard, all main requirements are already fulfilled; and a regional Road Map. In 2017 the targets for the market of socials security services for the population was exceeded considerably.


A list of 11 socially important markets is approved; the agro-industrial market is determined as a priority. Mechanisms of civic control over natural monopolies will be engaged.


Svetlana Orlova and Andrey Kashevarov signed an Agreement on Cooperationbetween FAS and the Vladimir region aimed at implementing the National Competition Development Plan. FAS commits to provide methodological support on competition development.


Head of Vladimir OFAS, Alexei Potanin; representatives of the regional Government, regional offices of federal bodies and heads of local self-government bodies and business communities also attended the event.