03-09-2018 | 17:10

Moscow OFAS found that “Pobeda” Airlines was imposing disadvantageous luggage conditions upon consumers


Buying tickets for several passengers through the company’s official web-site, its is possible to purchase ресурс дает возможность приобрести carriage of luggage up to 10 kg at 499 RUB only for 1 passenger from the booking group. Other passengers can book carriage of a piece of luggage only up to 20 kg, which costs already 1499 RUB.


When booking and registering a ticket for a single passenger, there is no limit for buying carriage of luggage up to 10 kg at 499 RUB.


Such actions are nothing but creating difficulties for potential buyers and forcing them to perform all booking procedures individually. It means imposing disadvantageous conditions when offering air carriage services and infringing the interests of the public. In fact, it is designed to maximize profit at the expense of consumers that are either unaware or submitted to such unfair treatment. These actions cannot by-pass attention of the antimonopoly body”, pointed out Armen Khanyan, Head of Moscow OFAS.


The airline is given a warning to stop imposing disadvantageous conditions to consumers: “Pobeda” must allow booking luggage up to 10 kg at an appropriate rate per each passenger in the same booking.


If the airline fails to execute the warning during the designated period, OFAS is going to open an antimonopoly case.



“Pobeda” Airlines has signs of violating Clause 3 Part 1 Article 10 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”.