14-09-2018 | 14:22

According to FAS Presidium, the best 2017 cases include decision regarding “Kama Cable” Ltd., “ROSSKAT” OJSC, “Kavkazcable” Cable Works” JSC,  “Holding Cable Alliance” Ltd., “Ural cable” JSC and “Sibcable” JSC


The companies formed a cartel that resulted in fixing and maintaining prices, dividing the markets by volume of sales, the assortment of goods and seller composition (in breach of Clauses 1 and 3 Part 1 Article 11 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”).


The violators entered into agreements on dividing the market of sale of oil-submersible cables (except high-temperature cables) in 2014-2015 when each company involved in the agreement was allocated a rough market share; they refused to competitively determine the product prices and divided between themselves procurement of the largest Russian oil-producing and oilfield servicing companies (“Rosneft” Oil Company” OJSC, “Slavneft” Oil-and-Gas Company” OJSC, “Bashneft-Dobycha”, “Rimera-Service” Ltd. and “Orenburgneft” OJSC).


The cartel members were held administratively liable: turnover fines in total exceeding 250 million RUB.


Courts of all instances supported the decision on the case.


The case materials were forwarded to the law enforcement bodies; the Investigative Division of the Department of Ministry of Interior in the Northern Administrative District, Moscow, opened a criminal case under Article 178 of the Criminal Code.