18-01-2019 | 09:36

Deputy Head of FAS called upon the authorities, the business and expert community to analyze events in the modern economy


“Today it is impossible to find a company or an organization without computers. It’s safe to say that digital economy has “captured” all important areas of our life”, stated Stats-secretary, Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsarikovskiy as the session on “Competition and competition policy аunder the conditions of digital transformation”, at Gaidar Economic Forum.


“In my view, it is possible to move away form the term “digital since everything ahs become a digital economy. It’s about time for us to analyze all events that have occurred in the past several years”, added Deputy Head of FAS.


“The theories maintaining that with time a particular information field will form, where information does not disappear and is registered, have come true. The time is ripe and we have been able to take to the challenge and respond to all questions raised”, continued Andrey Tsarikovskiy.


He gave cartel investigations as an example, pointing out that one area – inspections - has transformed most of all.


“Nowadays, in the course of inspections designed to expose anticompetitive agreements, we aim at simply confirming cartels because the evidence is already known to us”, concluded  Andrey Tsarikovskiy.


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