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FAS sent a report to the President of Russia on the measures aimed to restrict growing prices for fish
FAS believes that aquatic culture (fish-breeding) and alternative methods of fish trading should be developed in Russia
Cassation Court pronounced legitimacy of FAS refusal to increase threefold prices for “Prostenongel” medicinal drug
Earlier Courts of two instances confirmed legitimacy of the efforts of the antimonopoly body and the rightness of applying the established requirements to register prices for vital and essential drugs
FAS made a decision: a Russian subsidiary of “Apple” coordinated iPhone prices
On 14 March, FAS found that “Apple Rus” Ltd. had coordinated economic activity of Apple iPhone Smartphone resellers that resulted in fixing and marinating prices for them (in breach of Part 5 Article 11 of the Federal Law “On Protection of Competition”)
FAS achieved reduction of prices for 207 medicinal drugs
Pharmaceutical companies continue reducing drug prices upon the findings of an international comparative survey carried out by FAS
FAS abolished agreed prices for “Bartizar” medicinal drug
The FAS Russia established that the drug manufacturer submitted false information on the prices of raw materials supplies and set an excessive euro exchange rate in its estimates