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“TNS Energo Nizhny Novgorod” PJSC was not able to invalidate the basic pricing principles of tariff regulation in the electric power industry
Judicial Collegium on Administrative Cases at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dismissed the company’s claim
Igor Artemiev: the basic agenda of the work of the FAS Russia is built up on the National Competition Development Plan and a draft tariff law
The documents are under comprehensive discussion with the society and business community
Antimonopoly Service decreased tariffs for electric power in the Murmansk region
The costs of electric power dropped down by 2.5 times in technologically isolated villages in the region
Igor Artemiev proposes to reject the “third is a crowd” principle in most cases of medicinal drug purchases and move to preferences
The “third is a crowd” rule excludes possibility of foreign companies participating in auctions for procurement of drugs and medical products if two Russian companies are already participating in such tenders.