The first case based on materials collected by the All-Russia People’s Front on cartelization in social catering
Ulyanovsk OFAS opened a case upon signs of a cartel in social catering services in Ulyanovsk
FAS took part in the events of the ICN Cartel Working Group
The antimonopoly body presented a report on the efforts of Subgroup-2 of Cartel Working Group and the plans for the next two years


Cartel syndromemore
Cartel syndrome
Cartels form a threat to the economic security of Russia
FAS opened a case against a bid-rigging cartel tenders on construction and repair of federal highways
The potential cartel is the largest one in road construction. The total contract sum concluded with its participants exceeded 12 million RUB
Competition did not increase
While dangerous trends reinforced: FAS sums up the results of 2016