Andrey Tsyganov had a working meeting with a Commissioner of Korea antimonopoly authority
The parties discussed the latest trends in antimonopoly regulation and exchanged experiences of their agencies


Cartel gamemore
Cartel game
Representatives of FAS, antimonopoly authorities from other countries and experts took part in a cartel exercise
Participants of an anticompetitive agreement on health care procurement the Saratov region paid fined for over 1 million RUB
On 27 September 2017, Saratov OFAS was informed by “Medical Supply Centre” Ltd. about paying a 1 028 736 RUB fines
CIS Council of the Heads of Governments will consider an anti-cartel document
Deputy Head of FAS Andrey Tsyganov gave examples of anti-cartel cases investigated by FAS independently and in cooperation with the antimonopoly authorities of the CIS member-states. Information and data from international organizations, for example, OECD, were given to illustrate the importance of countering international cartels.
FAS specialists took part in a “For Fair Procurement” webinar of the All-Russia People’s Front
FAS representatives demonstrated a method of exposing cartels in open sources