17-04-2018 | 10:51

FAS representatives discussed the regional tariffs and the new national tariff policy at a workshop in the Murmansk region


“The region has a potential to limit the tariff growth. In 2018 the costs of electric power will increase by 1%. The tariff is one of the lowest in Russia”, reported Head of FAS Department for Regulating the Electric Power Industry, Dmitry Vasiliev. “Murmansk is also among the top 10 regions in terms of power consumption trends”.


“At the workshop, we explained to representatives of regional authorities about introducing benchmarks in different segments of the electric power industry. This year, the benchmark is already in effect in the energy sales complex. All this in the future will help avoid tariff discrimination and reduce the tariff difference between the regions”, pointed out Dmitry Vasiliev.


Regulatory contracts will become another area of FAS work in the electric power field. “The parties to such contracts will undertake particular obligations: companies –to invest and develop investments, regions – to set long-term tariffs. If they fail to fulfill the agreement, each of the parties will be held liable. In future this mechanism will become a priority regulatory method. If a contract is not concluded, the tariffs for a company should be determined using the benchmark”, explained Head of FAS Department for Regulating the Electric Power Industry.


Apart from the above aspects of the electric power industry, the workshop discussed tariff regulation in heating and water supplies, and the housing-and-utilities sector in general.


“Such events are very important to see the issues emerging in the regions. Certainly, the housing-and-utilities sector is very important because it touches all of us”, stated Deputy Head of FAS Department for Regulating the Housing-and-Utilities Sector, Alexander Fedyakov.