09-07-2018 | 15:31

FAS and the Krasnoyarsk region signed an Agreement on Cooperation


On 5 July 2018, Head of FAS Igor Artemiev had a meeting with Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region, Alexander Uss. The Head of the Antimonopoly Service explained that the regional authorities to devise the key indicators for competition development by sectors of the economy and medium business.


“Competition is one of the main sources for increasing economic growth in Russia. Unlike capital investments in the infrastructure it costs nothing. It is this method of functioning that is considered the modern system of management. Liquidating state and municipal unitary enterprises in some sectors of the economy we will open access for SME, and it will improve competition, service availability significantly, which ultimately will expand choices for consumers”, saidIgor Artemiev.


Head of FAS stated that in December 2017 the President of the Russian Federation approved the National Competition Development Plan, and in April there was a special State Council, following which orders were given to regional authorities to develop competition at the regional level. 


“Competition enhances labour productivity and always stimulates innovations. Thus, after adopting the documents, the competition development agenda reached a new level”, pointed out Head of the Antimonopoly Service.


Igor Artemiev also mentioned that indicators are set for the regions reflecting the share of private business by sectors of the economy across regions.


“Out of 41 markets, each region must select minimum 33. These are sectors where a region will increase the share of private companies and reduce the level of state sector. Regional authorities can select additional markets where they will be developing competition. Such positive measures will be certainly marked in a relevant report to the President of the Russian Federation”, clarifiedIgor Artemiev.


At the end of the event, FAS and the Krasnoyarsk region entered into the Agreement on Cooperation that provides for methodological and informational support towards implementing the National Competition Development Plan, and the orders issued following the State Council.


Background information:


Attendees included Deputy Head of FAS Vitaly Korolev; Head of FAS Legal Department Artem Molchanov; Head of Krasnoyarsk OFAS Valery Zakharov; Minister of the Krasnoyarsk region for economic development and investment policy, Sergey Vereschagin; members of Krasnoyarsk Regional Government and Legislature, Town Heads, leaders of regional business associations and NGOs