Powers of Head and Deputy Heads of the FAS Russia are determined by the Regulation of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (part 1.9 - 1.13).


Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service organizes the work of the body and is personally responsible for the exercise of functions imposed on it; represents the FAS Russia in relations with the other governmental authorities, citizens and organizations; on behalf of the FAS Russia, signs contracts and other documents of civil and legal nature, including issuing official regulations related to civil officers; concludes service contracts with civil officers of the FAS Russia, as well as distributes the responsibilities among his Deputies and introduces to the Government of the Russian Federation:

  • the draft statement on the FAS Russia, proposals on the ultimate number of the FAS Russia employees and their wages fund;
  • the draft annual plan and the FAS Russia’s activities’ forecast, as well as reports on their performance; he also approves statements on the FAS Russia departments;
  • appoints and dismisses the FAS Russia civil officers, heads and deputy heads of FAS regional offices;
  • in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation on the public service addresses issues related to holding the federal public service in the FAS Russia;
  • approves the structure and staff schedule of the FAS Russia in the limits of the wages fund and the number of employees established by the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • approves the budget estimate for maintaining the FAS Russia’s work in the limits of assignments approved for the relevant period and provided by the federal budget;
  •  exercises other powers established by legislation of the Russian Federation.


Deputy Heads of the Federal Antimonopoly Service represent the authority on separate issues of its activities, organize and coordinate the exercise of FAS functions.

Deputy Head:

  • counteracts with the other governmental and municipal authorities, citizens and organizations, as well as with the units of the Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation and of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • coordinates and controls the work of the FAS Russia departments and gives instructions to their heads;
  • holds meetings with representatives of governmental and municipal authorities, and organizations;
  • ensures the examination of the applications and claims, documents and materials submitted to the FAS Russia;
  • considers and visas draft documents submitted for signing by the FAS Russia’s Head;
  • approves draft acts and other documents and in cases previewed by the legislation of the Russian Federation signs conclusions on them.