The FAS Russia sets priorities:

  • In accordance with the Strategy for Developing Competition and Antimonopoly Regulation for 2013-2024, which assumes both persuasion of legislative initiatives and implementation of measures aimed at optimization of antimonopoly body’s activity.
  • In accordance with the annual workplan of the Collegium of the FAS Russia. The Collegium is a standing consultative body to the Head of the FAS Russia, which is also chaired by the Head of the FAS Russia. 
  • In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, under which the National Competition Development Plan for 2017-2018 is being established[1]. The document contains on the one hand approaches to setting priorities and principles of competition policy. On the other hand, it contains specific objectives for competitive markets, as well as expected outcomes. The Decree will set development of competition as a priority for President, Government and other regulatory bodies.

[1] The document is undergoing the final review procedure.