OECD meetings 2014

Airline Competition (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 166.58 Kb)
Changes in Institutional Design (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 194,03 Kb)
Cases & analytics (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 356,84 Kb)
Competition issues in the Distribution of Pharmaceuticals (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 316,13 Kb)
Discussion on Fighting Corruption and Promoting Competition (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 144,79 Kb)
Intellectual Property (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 214,91 Kb)
Investigations of consummated and non-notifiable mergers (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 145,61 Kb)
Jenerics (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 240,19 Kb)
Leniency (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 234,04 Kb)
Role of Competition in Financial Consumer Protection (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 209,61 Kb)
Structural Separation (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 235,95 Kb)