FAS and Norway competition authority are strengthening cooperation

03-10-2017 | 07:30

The parties are discussing an extended Agreement on Cooperation

On 20 September 2017, at the Competition Week in Russia (Veliky Novgorod), Head of FAS Igor Artemiev held talks with Director of Norway competition authority, Lars Sorgard.

Head of FAS informed the Norwegian colleagues about the work of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, mentioning that FAS controls compliance with the antimonopoly law not only by economic entities but also the authorities. Russian competition law sets equal requirements to domestic and foreign companies.  Igor Artemiev said that the antimonopoly authority is responsible not only for antimonopoly but also for tariff regulation, control over public procurement and public defence order, compliance with the advertising law and the law on foreign investments.

Lars Sorgard pointed out that Norway competition authority is 100 years old and it focuses only on antimonopoly regulation.

Igor Artemiev suggested organizing a workshop for Norwegian companies operating in Russia about antimonopoly regulation in the Russian Federation. In the opinion of the representatives of Norway competition authority, the event is useful for the work of Norwegian companies present in Russia and will encourage foreign investments in the Russian economy.

Head of FAS also emphasized the current large-scale digitalization and mentioned several FAS cases against “Google”, “Microsoft”, and “Apple”, whose operations are closely related to the digital economy and intellectual property.

The representatives of Norway competition authority expressed an interest in studying FAS experience in investigating cases against the above firms. The foreign colleagues also were interested in FAS anti-cartel practice. The parties discussed the main methods of working with data and collecting evidence.

Head of FAS thanked Lars Sorgard for the consultations given by Norway competition authority on antimonopoly regulation and investigations in the fishery industry. FAS and Norway competition authority are currently negotiating an Agreement on Cooperation with particular cooperation mechanisms in investigations, experience exchange and consulting.

“We are ready for deep and broad cooperation and welcome joint investigations in the sectors of the economy important for both our countries”, emphasized Igor Artemiev. Lars Sorgard expressed confidence in further productive cooperation.