To ensure stability and institutional memory at levels below senior management, the FAS Russia takes the following measures:

  • There is a special training course for newcomers to the FAS Russia in order to provide them with information about the main Authority’s activity. This course consists of lectures on the fundamentals of public service, competition legislation, policy and enforcement, as well as on history and functionality of the FAS Russia.
  • Since 2011, there is a mentor programme in the FAS Russia. An experienced mentor helps the new employee to adapt to work at his earliest convenience, as well as to reveal high efficiency when dealing with the set tasks.
  • The FAS Russia’s employees have the right for additional training with the preservation for a given period of their position and the full salary. Advanced trainings are carried out as appropriate, but at least every three years.
  • Each year the FAS Russia conducts regional workshops for heads and specialists of Regional Offices of the FAS Russia, judges and representative of government bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation.
  • The FAS Russia has the Center for Education and Methodics in Kazan, where educational events, workshops, lectures, round tables with participation of representatives of the FAS Russia are regularly organized. Seminars comprise theoretical and practical training courses, aimed at skills upgrade and professional development of the FAS Russia’s employees.
  • There is an effective candidates pool in the FAS Russia, the important focus area of which is execution of additional instructions by the Head of the FAS Russia. In case of achieving high work results, an employee may be awarded or provided with career progression opportunities.
  • Every year, the professional skill contest “My useful initiative” is being held at the FAS Russia. The goals of the project are: 1) improvement of employees’ professional skills, retention of best highly skilled employees by forming a comprehensive career development program, which allows winners and participants of the contest to apply for senior positions; 2) creation of conditions for development and formation of a candidates pool that consists of professional employees with the focus on positive results in their work; 3) creation of bank of ideas and initiatives, aimed at continuous development and improvement of efficiency of the FAS Russia’s activity.