APEC encourages market discipline, works to help eliminate distortions, as well as promote economic efficiency through the Competition Policy and Law Group (CPLG) The group is working to promote understanding of regional competition laws and policies, examine their impacts on trade and investment flows, and identify areas for technical cooperation and capacity building among member economies.

The CPLG, formerly known as Competition Policy and Deregulation Group, was established in 1996, when the Osaka Action Agenda (OAA) work programmes on competition policy and deregulation were combined. In 1999, APEC Ministers endorsed the APEC Principles to Enhance Competition and Regulatory Reform and approved a "road map" which established the basis for subsequent work on strengthening markets in the region. In 2008, members agreed to change the name of the group to the Competition Policy and Law Group to reflect the fact the regulatory aspects of competition are now being discussed within the framework of the Economic Committee (EC).

Current Activities

The CPLG is responsible for practical aspects of competition law and enforcement to develop and enhance competition law and policy in APEC member economies. The group’s activities include:

  • Exchange information through a regional database.
  • Share new developments in the law, comparative aspects of competition law, the role of the courts, the degree of autonomy granted to competition authorities, better methods to improve success of monitoring and enforcement of the law and appropriate remedies.
  • Understanding and analyze the legal and regulatory issues from the members involved.
  • Share experiences and expertise on activities relevant to the implementation of Competition Policies with international instruments to develop good practice.
  • Identify areas for capacity building and technical cooperation on the implementation of best practices in Competition Policies.
  • Conduct outreach and public relations to APEC stakeholders on the achievements of the group as and when appropriate.


Information source: http://www.apec.org/