Please find the attached contributions of the Russian Federation to the various OECD meetings of 2016.

See also press releases to the topics:

FAS Russia took part in discussions at OECD Working Group on Co-operation and Enforcement

FAS Russia at OECD reveals its approach to defining geographical markets’ borders on example of Google

Andrey Tsyganov told at OECD how competition is developed in Russian railways

FAS called upon OECD members for cooperation under the frame of countering cartels

FAS Russia shares practice on cases of price discrimination at the OECD

Andrey Tsyganov held negotiations with UNCTAD during OECD Global Competition Forum


Commitment Decisions in Antitrust Cases (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 351.91 Kb)
Fidelity rebates (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 113,52 Kb)
Joint Meeting of the Competition Committee's WP3 & WBG (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 168,72 Kb)
Local Nexus and Jurisdictional Thresholds in Merger Control (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 280,08 Kb)
Agency Decision-Making in Merger Cases (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 283,54 Kb)
Competition and Innovations in Road Transport (Ruissian Contributions)
(PDF, 158,63 Kb)
Independence of competition authorities - from design to practice (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 236,42 Kb)
Price Discrimination (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 241,06 Kb)
Sanctions in Antitrust Cases (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 237,75 Kb)
Definition of Geographic Markets (Russian Contributions)
(PDF, 161,36 Kb)

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