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Заседание Экспертного совета при ФАС России по развитию конкуренции в строительной отрасли


FAS Expert Council in Construction
On 17 October 2017 representatives of business, the authorities and the academia discussed the mechanism of administrative appeal in construction, that had came into effect in 2016, and 2017-2018 Plan for developing competition in the construction sector drafted by the Ministry of Construction. The discussion took place at a meeting of the Expert Council for Developing Competition in Construction Count photo: 10 show
Антикоррупционный форум проекта Общероссийского народного фронта «За честные закупки»


Anti-Corruption Forum of the “For Fair Procurement” project of the All-Russia People’s Front
The Anti-Corruption Forum of the “For Fair Procurement” project of the All-Russia People’s Front took place on 12 October in Rostov-on-Don. 1170 participants, including social activists, community organizers, officers of FAS and other authorities, members of Parents Committees, School Principals, Chief Medical Officers of hospitals, food suppliers, representatives of business associations met at the Forum. Count photo: 3 show
Совместное заседание ФАС России и Ассоциации антимонопольных экспертов


Joint session of FAS and Antimonopoly Expert Association
The agenda of the joint session of FAS and Antimonopoly Expert Association once again touched the most pressing issues emerging in antimonopoly enforcement. Count photo: 5 show
Во время Недели конкуренции И.Ю. Артемьев встретился с Председателем Национального совета по конкуренции Исламской Республики Иран г-ом Шива Реза


FAS and Iran National Competition Council agreed to actively exchange experiences
The Federal Antimonopoly Service and Iran National Competition Council are ready for mutual support for developing antimonopoly law and competition Count photo: 21 show
В рамках недели конкуренции прошли переговоры И.Ю. Артемьева с Директором Департамента по международной торговле товарами, услугами и сырьевыми товарами ЮНКТАД Терезой Морейрой


FAS and UNCTAD are devising the procedure for work of the Discussion Group on countering restrictive business practices of transnational corporations
On 20 September 2017, Head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service Igor Artemiev and Head of UNCTAD’s Competition Policy and Consumer Protection Branch, Teresa Moreira held talks during the Competition Week in Russia organized in Veliky Novgorod. Count photo: 14 show