FAS published the open-access Register of unfair suppliers in capital repair

08-08-2017 | 11:36

FAS published the Register of unfair suppliers in capital repair on its website. The document contains information about the bidders of electronic auctions that avoided contracts on capital repair services and on contractors with whom such contracts are terminated following Court rulings or due to substantial breach of contract conditions by them. The Register covers information about such organizations across all regions of Russia.

Under the current law* the Register must be published on zakupki.gov.ru. At the moment the relevant site section is not in operation; therefore, to place such information the sites of authorized regional organizations are used. Sites of particular bodies, however, publish information only about the organizations operating in the territory of their region. Thus, until now the Common All-Russian Register has not been available in open sources.

According to Head of FAS Department for Control over Construction and Natural Resources, Oleg Korneev, now there are two companies in St Petersburg that had failed to their capita repair obligations in Vladikavkaz and Tomsk. The Register is in open access and will be updated timely.

Deputy Head of FAS Rachik Petrosyan emphasized: “Measures, designed to prevent violations in capital repair, particularly, including unfair suppliers in the relevant Register, are quite important. Any delay or unfair performance of such works adversely affects the residents of apartment blocks. FAS can warn consumers in advance and exclude knowingly unfair suppliers and contracts from trading”.

* No. 615 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the procedure for involving contractors to render services and (or) carry our works for capital repair of common property in apartment blocks and the procedure for procurement of goods, works, services to execute the functions of a specializes non-profit organization, exercising activity that is designed to ensure capital repair of common property in apartment blocks” of 01.07.2016.