“Mosvodokanal” JSC executed FAS warning

30-10-2017 | 15:31

The company avoided a cold water transportation contract with “Teplostroi” Ltd.

Earlier FAS inspected actions of “Mosvodokanal” JSC following a complaint from “Teplostroi” Ltd.

The claimant has lease contracts for some facilities of a centralized cold water supply system and equipment used by “Mosvodokanal” JSC to supply cold water to consumers.

“Mosvodokanal” JSCis the provider of last resort for the centralized cold water supply and drainage system in Moscow. Therefore, it must enter into contracts in the field of water supply and drainage, including cold water transportation. The company had to enter into the contract with Teplostroi” Ltd. on cold water transportation.

“FAS is not going to open an antimonopoly case against Mosvodokanal” JSCsince the company executed the warning issued by the Antimonopoly Service  and concluded a relevant contract within the designated period”, said Head of FAS Department for regulation in the Housing-and-Utilities Sector, Alexei Matuykhin.

A control-and supervision reform is taking place in Russia, overseen by Minister Mikhail Abyzov. FAS is actively involved in the project and emphasizes that the new government control system will reduce administrative burden upon business and enhance the quality of control-and-supervision performance.