Oleg Korneev: the number of complaints to FAS regarding property tenders is going up continuously

07-11-2017 | 15:41

At the same time, the number of complaints concerning subsoil tenders remains roughly at the same level

The IV Annual International Geological Forum – “Geological Exploration 2017” was organized on 25th October under the auspices of “Rosgeologia” JSC in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation.

FAS was represented by Head of FAS Department for Control over Construction and Natural Resources, Oleg Korneev.

He informed the plenary session about antimonopoly control of bidding, particularly, for granting the right of subsoil use.

Oleg Korneev pointed out a significant increase of complaints regarding property tenders. In there were 5000 tenders, and in 2016 – already around 12,000. The growth of reasonable complaints is even more noticeable: 1900 in 2015 and 5000 in 2016. “Meanwhile, in both cases figures on complaints for granting the right for subsoil use remain at approximately the same level year after year”, reported the speaker.

Among the most widespread violations at property tenders Oleg Korneev mentioned non-statutory requirements to the bidders, their applications and documents accompanying the applications and unreasonable refusals to allow participation in tenders. For example, when the organizer requires a bidder to submit a staff schedule, it is unlawful because under the law information about personnel can be given in a different form.

The event was attended by representatives of “Rosgeologia” JSC, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation, World Wildlife Fund in Russia, Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.