29-11-2017 | 10:53

Public statements made by the Head of the region can lead to violations of the antimonopoly law and the law on trade


FAS issued a warning to Acting Governor of the Samara region that actions leading to violations of the antimonopoly law are unacceptable.


In October 2017 the Governor reported that the regional government plans to influence the work of retailers in the part of retail chains compiling the range of goods.  The relevant information was presented in an article published by “Interfax-Russia”.


FAS warns Acting Governor of the Samara region to sustain from such actions because it can lead to breaching the Law on trade and the Law “On Protection of Competition”.


Russia is pursuing a reform of control-and-supervision activities that, particularly, provides for preventative measures against violating the law. The reform is overseen by Minister Mikhail Abyzov. FAS is actively involved in the project and pointes out that such Governor’s actions may result in unreasonable restrictions or prevention of  operations of producers from other subjects of the Russian Federation.