15-01-2018 | 13:31

Will be imposed upon companies and officials of the “DNS” Group


FAS opened administrative cases against companies from the “DNS” Group* and some their executives for failure to submit information and for providing conflicting data.


The information was requested by the antimonopoly body to investigate the case opened against “LG Elerctronics Rus” Ltd.


The information that the companies refused to provide upon the FAS request includes data on the staff of the “DNS” Group as well as purchases and sales of LG smartphones.


Contradictory information submitted to FAS was signed by the same executives serving in different companies of the “DNS” Group.


Such corporate actions prevent investigation of the antimonopoly case.


Overall, FAS opened 13 administrative cases against the companies of executives of the “DNS” Group under Part 5 Article 19.8 of the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations.


“DNS” Group
“DNS Kursk” Ltd.
“DNS Belgorod” Ltd.
“DNS Retail” Ltd.
“DNS Alpha-Irkutsk” Ltd.
“DNS Plus-Novokuznetsk” Ltd.
“DNS- Tver” Ltd.
“DNS-Centre” Ltd.

“DNS-TsFO” Ltd.