13-04-2018 | 13:11

FAS drafted presentation materials on foreign investments in the fuel-and-energy complex of Russia


The fuel-and-energy complex is an essential sector of the economy of the Russian Federation that ensures viability of all sectors of the national economy and satisfies household needs.


Export of the products of the fuel-and-energy complex (oil, petrochemicals, gas) is a sustainable source of currency reserves, the share of which in the total Russian export varies from 43% to 45%, the percentage of tax revenue from fuel-and-energy companies to the state budget exceeds 40%.


The fuel-and-energy complex is of the most interesting foreign investors. That’s why the officers of FAS Department for Control over Foreign Investments drafted an analytical brief: foreign investment in extraction of fossil fuels (hard coal, brown coal (lignite), oil, gas) were analyzed and the total scope of foreign investment in the oil sector was presented. Some conclusions derived from the analysis are as follows


1) During 2015-2017 the fuel-and-energy complex remained the most attractive segment for investments.


2) Compiling statistical data on the scope of foreign investments, federal authorities use in-house classifiers, each of which is based on different key indicators, for example:


- Direct investments in developing the oil-and-gas industry

- Repaying debt to creditors

- Investments in purchasing stock / shares of economic entities

- Investments in infrastructure development

- Investments in purchasing petrochemicals.


3) FAS should build up communications channels with the bodies performing statistical registration of the data on foreign investments in order to get updated information.