16-04-2018 | 11:03

Deputy Head of FAS Department for Control over Agro-Industrial Complex, Irina Epifanova, took part in workshop in the Lipetsk region for developing exchange trading


Irina Epifanova informed participants about the tasks for developing exchange trading, outlined in the National Competition Development Plan and discussed in detail the measures towards developing competition in the agro-industrial complex, specified in the draft “Road Map” for developing competition in the agro-industrial complex.


“The main objective of developing exchange trading is ensuring exchange liquidity, particularly, through attracting the broadest range of trading participants”, pointed out Irina Epifanova. “The main advantages of exchange trading, in our opinion, are supporting transparency of domestic pricing, building up price indicators, reducing price fluctuations determined by the seasonal factors. The pluses of exchange trading can also include additional mechanisms for reducing price risks for all agricultural producers and possibility to use exchange prices as a guideline for determining prices when procurement interventions can start”.


Deputy Head of FAS Department for Control over Agro-Industrial Complex explained the main provisions of No. 623 Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 23.07.2013. In particular, she explained, which transactions are subject to registration, who is responsible for submitting information, and emphasized the timeframe and content of the information that must be submitted to the exchange.


Apart from the workshop, Irina Epifanova had a working meeting with the Head of Lipetsk Regional Authority, Oleg Korolev. The parties discussed the prospects of developing exchange trading in the Lipetsk region, and cooperation between the regional authorities and the antimonopoly bodies.



Lipetsk OFAS and the Agriculture Department of the Lipetsk region organized the workshop with support of the Association of Agricultural producers of the Lipetsk region. Agricultural producers of the Lipetsk region were among the event.