30-05-2018 | 12:21

Deputy Head of FAS Vitaly Korolev explained what will be the focus of modern pricing system


‘The first goal is customer-friendly, increased quality of services. With a transition to “digital”, consumers will be less focused on electric power provision and get services of higher quality from professional market participants. This is one of the most important goals of digitalizing tariff regulation”, started his speech Deputy Head of FAS Vitaly Korolev at the session of “Digitalization - the basis of future energy systems” at St Petersburg International Economic Forum.


“The second goal is to increase efficiency of the grid complex, including payment discipline, and prompt elimination of violations”, continued Deputy Head of FAS.


“The third goal is non-discriminatory access for all participants to reading smart metering systems. All three sides of the electric power supply – consumers, a grid company and provider of last resort – must equally possess information regardless of who is the meter owner”, said Vitaly Korolev.


“What will it result in? It will result is shaping a new retail market of electric power and capacity, when retail consumers are able to directly interact with a wholesale electric power generator.  Also, introducing smart metering systems will help us reduce debt, stimulate entities to save costs, particularly, reducing the costs for collecting meter readings, and decrease eclectic power losses due to remote control and switching off tax payers”, concluded Deputy Head of FAS.



Attendees included: Christoph Frei, General Secretary and CEO, World Energy Council (WEC); Pavel Livinsky, General Director, “Rosseti” PJSC;  Vyacheslav Kravchenko, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation; Pekka Lundmark, President and CEO, “Fortum Corporation”; Philippe Monloubou, Board Chairman, “Enedis”; Francesco Starace, CEO, “Enel S.p.А.”; Norbert Schwieters, Global Power and Utilities Leader, “PwC”; Andrey Vavilov, Board Chairman, “SuperOx” CJSC; Frank Daggan, Europe President, Member of Group Executive Committee, “ABB” Ltd.; David Masgrangeas, General Director, “Saft” LLC; Yuri Pripachkin, President, Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB); Chjen Yun Sun, Vice-President on IT and Digitalization, State Grid Corporation of China; Dominique Fache, Head of “Sophia Antipolis”; Board Chairman, Russian Technology Fund (RTF); Maxim Shereikin, General Director, Agency of Technological Development.