Legal Department

Head of the the Department - Mr. Artem Molchanov
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Igor Antonov
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Alexei Kryukov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Larisa Vovkivskaya
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Andrey Khomekov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Olesya Milchakova

Sergey Puzyrevskiy: we must improve the quality of teaching competition law at universities
On 9 October 2017 the 5th FAS Research-and-Methodology Council discussed development of education in competition law and training specialists in competition protection.
FAS explained the most pressing questions of violating the pricing procedure
It will encourage uniformity of enforcement by antimonopoly bodies
FAS representatives and antimonopoly experts played an exercise on appealing a hypothetical decision of OFAS
Deputy Head of FAS Sergey Puzyrevsky, Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department, Andrey Tenishev, and Anna Numerova, Head of the General Council of the Antimonopoly Experts Association were in the FAS “Presidium”
Igor Artemiev: the concept of unified federal law on tariff regulation is approved by the Government in general
In the near future an inter-branch Working Group shall be formed to draft the law
Sergey Puzyrevsky: Russia moves to a risk-oriented approach from 2018
FAS may abandon scheduled inspections if companies adopt antimonopoly compliance