Department for Control over Foreign Investments

Head of the Department - Mr. Andery Yunak
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Anastasia Popova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Natalia Elnikova
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Dmitry Lyovkin

FAS reviews the most typical violations in the field of control over foreign investments
The list of the most frequent violations includes: failure to notify transactions establishing control over strategic companies, failure to notify transactions with strategic companies, and submitting incorrect or incomplete data upon official FAS requests
The law on foreign investments improves continuously
Changes concern the enactments regulating control over Russian strategic economic entities, transactions of offshore companies and the work of the Government Commission on Foreign Investments
Court supported FAS in a dispute with a fishing company
The company, controlled by a foreign investor, was unlawfully harvesting aquatic biological resources. It attempted to challenge the actions of the antimonopoly body on depriving it of the catching right
The Government Commission on foreign investments granted preliminary approvals for 8 transactions
The announced volume of secured foreign investments in the projects petitioned to FAS is around US$ 2.5 billions
The Federation Council supports FAS draft law on foreign investments
The draft law is designed to improve the investment law and provides for amendments to Nos. 160 and 57 Federal Laws