Workshop on economics of competition policy


One of the main goals for the CPLG for 2017 is to support the Economic Committee to enact the instruction from the Structural Reform Ministerial Meeting (September 2015 in Cebu, Philippines) to “encourage member economies to undertake a self-assessment of barriers to competition, including a review of current competition laws and policies”. It was agreed in Nha Trang that the CPLG would work with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to develop an APEC-OECD Framework on Competition Assessments, which would include a competition assessment checklist. Viet Nam, on behalf of the CPLG, is working on a first draft with the OECD. 




  • Seminar on OECD Self-Assessment of Barriers to Competition

Held on 20-21 February 2017 in Nha Trang, Viet Nam. The Seminar promoted the use of competition assessments to improve regulatory frameworks.

  • Seminar on Economics of Competition Policy

Held on 22-23 February 2017, this Seminar saw world-leading experts provide an overview of current challenges for competition policy and law.

  • Seminar on Investigative Powers of Competition Agencies

Held on 24-25 February 2017, this Seminar saw experts from the United States and Mexico conducting training on their effective use of investigative powers.

  • Law Database

Progress continues on the online Competition Policy and Law Database, which has received positive responses and acceptance by international community. Chinese Taipei reports an increased number of visitors to the database.


On Updates and Developments of Competition Policy in the Russian Federation
(PDF, 955.73 Kb)