Around 700 schoolchildren and university students visited FAS on tours this year

11-05-2017 | 08:25

In April, FAS organized as workshop for III-year students of Kutafin Moscow Law University as part of their tour.

It was essential for the lawyers to learn about control efforts of the antimonopoly body in the field of procurement of public and municipal works, goods, and services and understand the significance of this important are of FAS work.

Students were addressed by Head of FAS Complaints Consideration Unit, Anna Lizunova, who discussed some Chapters and Articles of the Federal Law “On the contractual system in procurement of public and municipal works, goods, and services" and described the work of FAS Public Procurement Control Department.

Students of Kutafin Moscow Law University were able to attend a Commission investigating cases on including companies in the Register of unfair suppliers. Ekaterina Nabatova, Deputy Head of FAS Public Procurement Control Department who chairs the Commission talked about the importance and necessity of this procedure.

Along with students, in April FAS was visited by Moscow schoolchildren. Career-guidance tours to the Antimonopoly Service helped pupils find out about using legal and economic knowledge in public service, about antimonopoly regulation, applying the law in advertising. They were even able to take part in a master-class for exposing unfair and incorrect advertising.

“Throughout the entire academic year FAS has been organized tours for students and schoolchildren on a regular basis, describing the work of the competition authority and helping them gain insight into diversity of professions and using professional knowledge in public service. In 2016-2017 academic year, around 700 students and schoolchildren visited FAS. We are always very pleased when our visitors later come to us for internship, participate in intellectual contests for students and schoolchildren organized by FAS and even become our young colleagues”, pointed out Head of FAS Public Relations Department, Irina Kashunina.