Department for Control over Public Procurement

Head of the Department - Mr. Artem Lobov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Ekaterina Nabatova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Karina Sharova
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Maria Tomakh
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Veronica Trutneva
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Roman Semenov
Deputy Head of the Department - Ms. Tatiana Loginova

R.Petrosyan: participation of foreign companies in the efforts for government orders is a pledge of international competitiveness of Russian suppliers
Preferences such as denial of access of foreign companies to government orders hamper development of Russian market and unreasonably increase budgetary expenses
Sergey Puzyrevskiy: FAS will transfer the tariff-setting procedure into an electronic form
Consumers will be able to see the costs of natural monopolies included in the tariff
Working meeting with representatives of the World Bank
The main items on the agenda were methods of exposing bid-rigging collusion, organization of public procurement, high-profile FAS cases, the issues of agriculture and food products markets
Around 700 schoolchildren and university students visited FAS on tours this year
In April, FAS organized as workshop for III-year students of Kutafin Moscow Law University as part of their tour.
FAS informed Italian business about the system of public procurement in Russia and the principles of making investments in the Russian Federation
The FAS Russia and the Competition Authority of Italy organized a Round Table in the Italian Embassy in Moscow for representatives of Italian business.