FAS presented cartel-combating experience to the colleagues from the competition authorities of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia

24-08-2017 | 10:21

The Antimonopoly Service implemented a system of indentifying bid-rigging cartels and drafted the guidelines for countering anticompetitive agreements

An international webinar on “The main enforcement practice trends on the cases on anticompetitive agreements” took place on 17 August 2017. The idea to continue the webinar was proposed and approved at the 46th session of the Interstate Council on Antimonopoly Policy (ICAP) on 17 March 2017 in Chisinau (Moldova).

The webinar participants included representatives of FAS, the Committee on Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Protection of Competition and Consumer Rights under the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “Centre for Developing and Protecting Competition Policy” JSC (Kazakhstan), representatives of the antimonopoly bodies of Belarus and Armenia.

Head of FAS Anti-Cartel Department Andrey Tenishev made a report on Russian practice and exposing and proving anticompetitive agreements. The key issues at the webinar included FAS experience on implementing the system of identifying bid-rigging cartels and some aspects of cartel-countering guidelines.

In the course of a vivid discussion, the webinar participants discussed the main approaches used by anti-cartel units in their countries. The parties emphasized high efficiency of this format of communication, enabling to combine efforts to counter cartels.

Andrey Tenishev emphasized: «”Cartel undoubtedly is not just a Russian problem; it touches practically all economies in the world. We agreed with the colleagues to develop inter-departmental cooperation at the international level”.