FAS requested Rosrybolovstvo to provide detailed information about overrated sea food prices

13-09-2017 | 17:14

The requested data will allow establishing signs of violations and adopting measures of antimonopoly response

FAS has asked the Federal Fishery Agency [Rosrybolovstvo] to provide information, announced at 2017 Eastern Economic Forum, about overrating prices for Far East sea foods. In particular, FAS requested a list of the types of products in question and data, confirming the growth of prices for such products.

In July 2017, FAS asked members of the Working Group on drafting proposals to develop the fishing industry, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rosrybolovstvo, to specify additional measures towards reducing prices for fish products.

In accord to the data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, an analysis of prices for fish and fish products shows that from 20 to 30% of retail prices fall into intermediaries and the trade mark-up is around 15%. In the Ministry’s opinion, the costs for Far East fish products can be decreased through changing the tariffs for railway transportation, introducing new fish-processing capacities, a wholesale distribution centre and the transport-and-logistics complex of the Far East.

Deputy Head of FAS Rachik Petrosyan said: “In August FAS forwarded a report with the proposals prepared by the Working Group to the Office of the President of the Russian Federation. If Rosrybolovstvo has any additional information that can be useful, we would ask to provide the available data to take them into account and adopt the appropriate measures of antimonopoly response”.