Sergey Puzyrevskiy: we must improve the quality of teaching competition law at universities

11-10-2017 | 09:28

On 9 October 2017 the 5th FAS Research-and-Methodology Council discussed development of education in competition law and training specialists in competition protection.

Deputy Head of FAS Sergey Puzyrevskiy gave the welcoming remarks. He informed the participants about the progress on the main draft laws, in which FAS is involved. They includes the concept of draft federal law on the fundamental principles of state regulation of prices (tariffs), the draft law on restricting formation of public and municipal unitary enterprises on competitive markets, and the draft law on applying the antimonopoly law to intellectual property objects.

The Departments will take part in discussions over the draft laws and submit their opinions to the antimonopoly body. “It will help reach the FAS objectives on improving the antimonopoly regulation”, emphasized Sergey Puzyrevskiy.

Dr. Hab. Anna Varlamova (Law) shared state-of-the-art technologies of presenting material on certain aspects of antimonopoly regulation. In particular, her lecture included a business-game dividing the John Rockefeller’s empire (“Standard Oil” of the USA).

The Department will be actively involved in presentation on lecturing and methodological materials to exchange experience and improving the teaching practices.

Head of Saratov OFAS Lyudmila Borisova outlined a working programme on the new “Unfair Competition” course. According to Head of FAS Legal Department, Artem Molchanov, several comments were given earlier to shape the working programme. Approaches were formed regarding a set of themes to be studied by the listeners. They cover all forms of unfair competition and the mechanisms of suppressing it.

Representatives of educational institutions and Departments of Competition Law and Antimonopoly Regulation approved the new programme.