Department for Regional Tariffs Regulation

Head of the Department - Ms. Yulia Yudina
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Ivan Stepanenko
Deputy Head of the Department - Mr. Evgeny Kiselev

Representatives of Belarus competition authority studied FAS experience in tariff regulation
Belarus antimonopoly officers got support of their Russian colleagues in the issues of improving tariffs on the markets of natural monopolies and competition development
FAS plans for 2017 include changing approaches to tariff regulation
Setting the tariffs for 2017 FAS factors in a growth of prices (tariffs) for electric power on a non-regulated- wholesale market – 6.5%, for network companies - 3%, for the population - 5%
Igor Artemiev: FAS is watching the unified tariff-setting rules and incidents of tariff discrimination
The Head of the antimonopoly authority discussed pressing issues of tariff regulation
Court pronounced legitimacy of reducing water supply tariffs for consumers in the Voronezh region
In 2016 FAS decreased the tariff by 14.2%, “RBK-Voronezh” Ltd. Challenged the FAS decision
The Antimonopoly Service discussed the current tariff system with the business and expert community
Representatives of FAS, business and expert community identified common points in this filed