FAS completed the third stage of an international comparative study of medicinal rug prices

20-04-2017 | 14:16

At this stage FAS compared vaccine prices

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has completed Stage III of an international comparative study of prices for vital and essential drugs that included comparing vaccine prices.

The survey findings showed that vaccines in Russia were predominantly cheaper than prices in all 42 surveyed countries. Prices on 21 drug positions in Russia happened to be the lowest among the countries in question.

FAS did not find the facts of prices for the vaccines purchased by the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation exceeding the lowest prices in the reference countries.

There were only three vaccines in seven positions in view of the presentation form, whose prices exceeded the lowest prices in other countries, including the reference ones. These are: “Vaxigripp” (the “Flue prevention vaccine [inactivated]) International Non-Proprietary Name, presentation - intramuscular and intravenous suspension, 1 dose, 0.25 ml manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur S.A. (France); “Hepatitis B recombinant vaccine (rDNA)” (the “Vaccine for preventing viral Hepatitis B” International Non-Proprietary Name), presentation - intramuscular suspension 20 µg /ml, 0.5 ml N. 50, 1 ml N. 50, 5 ml N. 50, 10 ml N. 50 manufactured by Serum Institute of India Ltd. (India); and “Live attenuated measles prevention vaccine” (the “Measles prevention vaccine” International Non-Proprietary Name), presentation – lyophilisate for solution for subcutaneous introduction, 0.5 ml/dose, 1 dose N. 50 and 0.5 ml/dose, 10 doses N. 50 manufactured by Serum Institute of India Ltd.

Deputy Head of FAS Department for Control over Social Sphere and Trade, Nadezhda Sharavskaya commented: “Regarding all three drugs, FAS has already sent letters to the manufacturers requesting to reduce their prices in line with the lowest prices in the reference countries as soon as possible”.